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Take lessons with me.

Ciara dedicates a large part of her time as an artist inspiring others through her love for teaching. During her time at the Eastman School of Music, she studied violin teaching pedagogy with Dr. Lisa Caravan. She has experience teaching all ages and levels, from adults to young children. Ciara is passionate about developing each student's individual personality on the instrument, and students have the option of studying various genres of music on the violin. 

Ciara currently teaches students online for her private studio.

Can I get the same benefits out of online lessons as in person lessons? 

Online lessons can be hard to work around. Luckily, we can adapt our environment to enhance the lesson experience. If both the teacher AND the student put in the work of creating the ideal online lesson environment, the transition to online lessons can be very seamless and similar to in-person lessons. Before purchasing online lessons, please prepare by reading and following the list of needed items on the "How to Prepare for Online Lessons" checklist below.

If you have other questions regarding private lessons, they may be answered on the FAQ page. 

  • To see how we work together and if violin is the right fit for you.
    30 min
  • A monthly subscription, clients will be billed on the same day each mo...
    30 min
  • Monthly subscription, clients will be billed on the same day each mont...