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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I prepare for online lessons? Do I need any supplementary gear? 

Link to "Preparation for Online Lessons" checklist

To enhance your audio quality to it's greatest potential, it's important to equip yourself with proper technlology like microphones, interfaces, speakers, headphones, cables, strong internet connection, etc. To help everyone make sure they have the proper materials for online lessons, I've created a checklist! Please make sure you've taken a look at the list in advance to your first lesson.

What books do I need for my lessons?

My beginner students use “I Can Read Music” sight reading book by Joanne Martin (the violin version) as well as the Suzuki Violin School Volume 1.

If you are located in Medicine Hat, AB, The books may be in stock at Progressions Music or Evangelos Music. I advise calling in advance to make sure they have both of them at the time you need them. They can also be ordered online from Long and McQuade, or purchased at their store in Calgary or Lethbridge. If you are an advanced student and we have discussed alternate forms of repertoire, please ignore the requirement for these books.

I am not available for any of the times on your website. Are there any other options?

For the fall semester of 2022, I am teaching on Mondays and Saturdays. If none of the times work for you, I may be able to open up more times on these days. Please contact me for more information. 

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